"Equipping Today's Youth to Reach New Heights"


Our program focus is on the professional and educational development for at-risk youth in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Totally Equipped, INC. has a goal to:

1)      Empower today’s youth to become future leaders in their communities.

2)      Emphasize the importance of professionalism, citizenship, values and morals.

3)      Provide our youth with the integral skills to be successful and productive citizens of the community.

We provide the following skill-building programs:


Success Youth Entrepreneurship Program - The Totally Equipped, Inc. groundbreaking Success Mentoring Program requires a nine-month commitment.  The session topics will focus innovative development skills:

*Resume Writing

*Interviewing Skills

*Business Plans

*Business Management

*Financial Planning

*Community Outreach

*Public Speaking

*Program Fundraising

Summer Reading Enrichment Program - encourages students to read during the summer months which helps them retain what they have learned during the school year they are provided:

                                          *Incentives to read 15 – 30 minutes a day

                                          * Evaluated and Assessed

                                          * One-on-One reading coach

                                          * Group reading and partner reading

                                          * Free books and awards

Academic School Year Tutoring - provides tutoring in Reading and Math and homework assistance to help bridge the gap between home and school with the following tools:

                        *Diagnostic Placement Tests charts student’s progress

                   *Individualized Lesson Plans to help child achieve better grades

                      *Cooperative Learning Groups builds communication skills

Skills for Life Class - provides training in both social and professional etiquette.

                                    * Art of Introductions

                                    * Dining Out

                                    * Clothes Speak

                                    *Technology Invasion

                                    *Five Brands

Success Males Mentorship - Teaches the importance of strong character and leadership skills.  Participants of the program have the opportunity to receive the following benefits:

*Career Development

*Community Outreach

*Field trips College and   Sporting events

*Scholarship Opportunities

*Guest Speakers and much more